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The Volunteer Firefighters Foundation is a Charity Foundation that was formed to:

Establish a Charitable Trust Fund though corporate and private donations, assist our Volunteer Firefighting and Fire Rescue companies in funding the purchase of necessary


According to the 2012 U.S. Fire Administration statics, over 85 percent of local Fire Departments in the United States are 100 percent volunteer or mostly volunteer.

Volunteer Fire Companies provide an array of emergency services to their local communities and surrounding area. Some of these services are:

Most of our Volunteer Fire and Rescue Companies receive little to no funding from their local municipalities but instead rely on fundraising to provide their emergency services. These men and women already volunteer their time to respond to emergency calls and the burden of fundraising is an additional burden on their personal life.

When your life or property is on the line, they will be there you.

Will you be there for them now?


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